Moving expensive, sensitive, or exceptionally heavy items requires expert handlers and modern moving vehicles fit to accommodate the needs of the relocation. At Compass Relocation Services we provide the best Cleveland specialized moving on the market and have adapted our services to meet the demands of the households and businesses in Cleveland. While our residential and commercial moving services are certainly formatted to handle your everyday items and materials, as you imagine some items need a little special attention. Our goal is to deliver these items in the exact same condition in which the left.

The fact of the matter is you need a fleet of modern and specially-equipped vehicles to call yourself a Cleveland specialized moving company. Large marble desks are nearly impossible to move without the use of specialty vehicles and you should never trust these items with amateurs. Would anyone allow unproven strangers to move your grandmother's piano or grandfather clock? The easiest way to rationalize if you need Cleveland specialized moving is this: if your belongings arrived in special packaging and were delivered in a unique manner, they need to be relocated this way as well.

Specialized Movers in Cleveland

We understand every request for specialized moving will be unique and are always open to customize a package for you. Please select the most appropriate specialized moving service from the following list:

  • Equipment Moving
    Do you have medical or industrial equipment you need to move? These machines must be in perfect working order to function properly. Click the link for more information on this exclusive moving service.
  • Furniture Movers
    Although the average furniture can be easily moved, large and expensive furniture must be handled with care. Maneuvering these items around tight corners and stairways is not for an amateur specialized moving company.
  • Appliance Movers
    Did you just purchase a new refrigerator, oven, or water heater? Our specialized moving services will not only deliver it door-to-door; we will also bring it inside and remove your old appliance for you.
  • Crating & Rigging
    Our rigging experience varies from large statues to industrial air conditioners and we can custom crate just about anything for you. As an agent for Mayflower Moving we have access to a variety of vehicles to make it happen.
  • Trade Show Movers
    Your move coordinator will strategize the best delivery time for you and study the layout of your convention to for the best pickup and delivery. Your exhibit will be in perfect shape and we will help you setup/teardown as well.

Are you ready for a free Cleveland specialized moving quote? Our Compass Relocation representatives are standing by and prepared to answer any questions you may have. Call us at (877) 680-0484 or fill out our online form today!